Activities of FAI



Activities of FAI 

Now during current 2nd wave of covid 19 which became more dangerous from March 2021, we started again these prevention or helping activities. 

1.  In April 2021 distributed masks and vitamin tablets to the poor and needy in slum areas.

2. Distributed  D3 vitamin to the poor and needy.

     Now about present activity,  as many poor families during quarantine period of Covid 19,  FAI decided to support such families with Groceries ( nityavasara sarukulu)at free of cost for quarantine days to effected families at Hyderabad.  This activity is commenced on 09-05-2021.


        In order to support initiatives started by the Government and other public welfare institutions across the country,  we FAI have undertaken some welfare activities for the prevention of the covid 19 virus spread amidst the pandemic in 2020. 

    Few of the major activities  for  your ready reference. 

1. Distributed masks and protective face shields to street vendors and shopkeepers and Ghmc workers at free  of cost. 

2. Installed disinfection tunnels 

3.  Installed sanitization stands at public places and police stations.

All these activities are being carried out to all the people of the society irrespective of caste, creed and sex at free of cost. 

      All these we are able to carry out with the donations from the members of the society. 

     One side needy persons approaching us and another side Donors are coming forward voluntarily and arranging the donations.