I request all the Avopa President, Secretary andTreasurers to click on the above page every day and watch the Avopa News. You may also request your Avopan members friends and relatives to read the Bulletin by clicking on the page, as clicking costs nothing, but Google gives us appreciations and many more features, so that I can serve you better. 
Further I request you all to send our Avopa news daily with photos and brief description of the events conducted by Avopas along with the name of function, features of the function, place of function held, name of chief guest and VIPs attended along with names of our Avopa members who contributed their services for the successful completion of the functions. Photos should be clear and a group photo of the function covering all the persons involved exhibiting the Avopa banner will be appreciated. I hope you will oblige my request and give a chance to other Avopas to watch your activities and get inspired to follow you.
Thanks for spending your valuable time in going through my appeal.

With regards,
*Nuka Yadagiri,*
Editor, Avopa News Bulletin